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Copter Build Log 2: Soldering ESCs
Aug 12, 2014
One minute read

Connectors Drama

Today I finished soldering of ESCs to engines connections and ESCs to power connectors. All of those require Bullet 3.5mm Gold Connectors and I failed to calculate proper amount in advance (oh, shi). The thing is that needed amount is at least 3 x 4 female (for ESCs to motors) + 4 x 2 male (ESCs to power) making in total 12 pairs, while I, being naïve, bought 20 pcs (or 10 pairs).

The sad part of story is that in Ukraine a pair of those costs something like $1.3, while from China you can get 10 pairs for $1.8 (paying extra 15 to 40 days for waiting for your order).

Beside that the process itself is not a rocket science, that is why no higher education is needed.

Nice wiring diagram (from Collection of Random)



Next steps

  • Wait for more connectors to arrive :-)
  • Solder “1 to 4” power “multiplexors”

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