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Copter Build Log 7: Last Updates
Aug 31, 2014
2 minutes read

I’ve spent last two days in Verkhovyna tuning PI parameters, learning how to flight (well, to perform controlled flight).

Since I’m completely new flyer it is a bit difficult for me to judge flying characteristics of newly build quad. According to readings I did it performs pretty good even at default PI values. I observe no oscillations, however it is difficult to land and hold altitude, which could mean that PI gains and limits still require adjustments. I think, I’ll post whole investigation results as soon as I got some meaningful result out of tuning. For now I’m posting here a little test flights captured on video. In video I’m testing stick responsiveness, that is why copter trembles, decends and ascends randomly :-) after series of flights I got more or less stable result, however Julia was tired of filming at that point, so here couple of videos we’ve recorded:

Also, I’ve made several upgrades to copter itself. I got power distribution board, which replaced hand-made one: This also made possible to shorten ESC power plugs which resulted whole setup to become neat.

Also IMAX charger 4 mm tulips to XT-connector baked while connected to battery (made a lot of smoke and scared Julia! :-)

Last, I marked batteries with numbers, as it is easy to miss one which is already used. By the way, it seems that batteries were factory charged at 60%, so that after first full cycle I got ~10 minutes of flight time per battery.

Marked batteries and new direct tuplips to XT60 connector.

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