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Copter Build Log 8: Metrics
Sep 2, 2014
One minute read

The Weight

Today Artem borrowed me high presicion scales so that I’m now able to make some measurements of quad. Actual results are pretty close to original expectations. Without battery it is 852 gramms, battery adds extra 190 gramms, making in total flight weight of 1042 gramms.

Optional camera mount (or landing gear, if you want) adds 93 gramms more resulting 1135 gramms in total.

I’m expecting quad to lift 200 gramms more of payload, most likely, GoPro camera. Can’t estimate or measure yet actual useful payload this copter can thrust, but as soon as I get this data, I’ll post updates.


Also, small ready-to-flight Cheerson CX-10 CX10 Mini copter arrived two days ago, making a lot of fun and noise in our office :-) This mini quad comes fully assembled and tuned. It takes just 2 seconds to get it ready for flight. What wonders me that being so small and safe to use it mimics large copter aerodynamics and behavior in very realistic way. Also, it is nice opportunity to learn basic multirotor flight technique.

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