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Copter Life Log: Nothing Can Bring Me Down
Nov 16, 2014
One minute read

It’s mid November and I think we’re close to the end of flying season. Well, probably it is still possible to make flights on clear winter weather but most likely that is not super fun. Taking this into account on this weekend I did some flights. Nothing special, but we managed to break one of props (I was close to that dozen of times already, I just decided to let this set of props to last until the very end).

Here you can see the result. At least 80 percent of one half is absent, but we are still able to take off and hold altitude! No need for an explanation: it’s a science, baby!

Meanwhile I’m working on 5.8 GHz FPV system for Copter. There is no camera yet, I’m looking at Mobius Action Cam which is smaller and cheaper than GoPro. For ground display I’m considering something like this 4.3” car parking display.

Not sure when I’m going to finish this, perhaps, that’ll happen when we’ll have moved to Thailand.

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