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gdb python cheatsheet
Jul 26, 2015
One minute read


Assuming you want to benefit from pyhton-readable traces we need a py-bt extension and debug symbols:

sudo apt-get install gdb python2.7-dbg


Attaching to a running process (you must be either owner of this process or root):

gdb python
gdb> attach <pid>

Note: process is stopped the moment you attach.


  • list code for current frame with py-list. Current line is shown as >:
gdb> py-list
1427            Takes length to receive and repeatedly calls recv until able to
1428            return a buffer of that length, raising ConnectionFailure on error.
1429            """
1430            message = EMPTY
1431            while length:
>1432                chunk = sock_info.sock.recv(length)
1433                if chunk == EMPTY:
1434                    raise ConnectionFailure("connection closed")
1435                length -= len(chunk)
1436                message += chunk
1437            return message
  • list all threads with info threads
  • list code for all frames thread apply all py-list
  • switch between threads with thread <number>
  • navigate frames with py-up and py-down
  • inspect context with py-locals, py-globals and py-print
  • resume process with c


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